The OTHER thing that’s making people mad about Rush Limbaugh’s comments

6 Mar

Yes, Rush Limbaugh has proven again that he is what Al Franken said he is. People are rightly angry that Limbaugh:

1. Implied that a woman who uses birth control is a slut or a prostitute.

2. Picked on a young woman who is not a public figure in any sense.

That’s enough reason to be raging mad, I admit. But there’s one other thing, too. Rush suggested a woman whose birth control is paid for by her insurance somehow owes it to the public to post videos of her sexual activity on the Internet.

Remember that many are already in a toot about the potential invasion of privacy that the Internet makes possible. And they are even more are righteously outraged that displays of sexual acts online are bad for kids who might stumble across them, generally not good for adults who seek them out and emphatically not good for the subjects whose intimate lives are being revealed to the world.

So now Rush suggests it would be not only good but alsomandatory that a young woman post her sexual activities on the Net? Puhleeze! This just adds more injury and insult to the injury and insult Rush has already inflicted.

I read this morning that only 5 percent of Americans listen to Limbaugh on a regular basis. Let’s make it mandatory that they post their names on the Internet. Or would that be too big an invasion of their privacy?


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