12 Jan

Washington, D.C., is crazy for Barack Obama. Everywhere you go, you see signs and posters and banners welcoming the new president.

And the rest of the nation seems to be pretty cranked up, too. Four million people are expected to show up in D.C. on Jan. 20 for the inauguration. Should be quite a party.

The change in administrations is always an exciting time as the people wait to see how the new president and his team will make good — or not — on campaign promises. But this particular change is at a higher level than usual.

For one thing, it’s a historic change. The nation still burdened by its slave-holding past has finally elected an African American president. That’s huge. More huge, even, than electing a woman president.

For another thing, the world is currently a mess. The economy, foreign policy, immigration and all sorts of other enormous issues are screaming for attention. I can’t remember a time that so many people were so eager to give the new president a crack at solving so many tough problems.

So Obmamania seems just fine. Let’s see what the new guy can do. Let’s hold him accountable not for every detail of his campaign platform but for the big picture themes and ideas he laid out.

May he be safe. May he be successful. May we all flourish under his leadership.


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