As to glass ceilings

9 Sep

No matter how one feels about Sarah Palin’s politics or her qualifications to be vice president — or, perchance, president — of the U.S., her nomination has caused some long-lived issues to rear their ugly heads once again.

1. Some wonder how a mother of five children, including one who is only 4 months old and has Down syndrome, can handle the vice president’s job. Spurious issue! If her name were Samuel instead of Sarah, no one would even think to raise the question? Unless her husband is a total incompetent, he can surely be the primary caregiver for the kids.

2. She stands on a platform of “family values” that includes a strong commitment to abstinence-only sex education but she has an unmarried, pregnant 17-year-old daughter. How hypocritical, some say! The situation is, indeed, sad, and I’m guessing the family was not overjoyed, either personally or politically, to know what Bristol had done. But as Forest Gump said, “It happens.” Unless someone unearths a recording of Gov. Palin saying, “MY daughter would never have sex before marriage,” I think this is a spurious issue, too.

3. Some say that women who supported Hillary Clinton and were disappointed she didn’t get the Democratic nomination will be so overjoyed to see Palin on the Republican ticket that they’ll just all vote for her. Now really! Take a look at HIllary’s ideology and compare that to Palin’s ideology. You’re telling me that women are so single-mindedly devoted to the cause of a woman in the White House that they would turn their backs on the policy and ideals they believe in just to see someone in a skirt standing next to the president in the Oval Office? Nonsense.

The public and the press can find plenty of things to criticize about Palin’s policies and political history without getting into the three falacies above. Let’s talk about what really matters for a change.


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